Apple iPhone 8 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features And Concept Design – iPhone 8 News

Apple iPhone 8: A new iPhone every year along with its inherent charm, brings out myriad of new features. iPhone has always kept the consumers holding to it with the new innovations. Now, since it’s the high time that the next edition of iPhone shall be rolled out, you might want to know about the iPhone 8 release date. To content the curiosity of the apple fans, who are restless to know the latest iPhone 8 news and exclusive iPhone 8 images, we have pulled out all the information about the new iPhone 8 from the web. Whether it be the iPhone 8 rumours or anything, we have tried to bag each and we detail about the apple iPhone 8 for you.

iphone 8 release date specs features rumors and all iphone 8 news

It has been evident that eveytime before the launch of a new iPhone, many of its characteristics get revealed or leaked. The same has happened this time and many iPhone 8 features are already making the rounds in the market. The technological advancement has boomed at such a pace that fans have been served with unbelievable perks with an iPhone.

Recently, the 3D touch which can sense the intensity of the touch and respond correspondingly became quite popular among the iPhone consumers. The iPhone has also been known for its elegant design, and hence before its release we already have the iPhone8 concept design to allure the apple fans. Though it is very difficult to predict that how many expected or rumoured iPhone 8 features might finally end up in the official product. But we hope that most of them do, as your will surely be dropped once you get your eyes through them.

Many of the people don’t know that the “I” in the iPhone stands for “Interactive Phone”. Apple products have been eminent for the sole reason that they have managed well interacting with the consumers. Their products communicate well with the needs and greed of the consumers. But somewhere in the process fulfilling them, they have lost some points on the rigidity of iPhone.

Hence, the iPhone 8 is expected to be stronger as compared to its ancestors. One would also expect the iPhone to come with a guard against water so that the consumers could enjoy a fearless handling of the new iPhone 8. You can check out the exclusive iPhone8 images which portray the elegance of iPhone 8 concept design.

Apple iPhone 8 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features And Concept Design – iPhone 8 News

iphone 8 concept design and feature rumors news

iPhone 8 Concept Design:

The iPhone 8 stands tallest of its previous counterparts and offer a wider display. As it has been evident that with every new iPhone, the size of screen has been stepping up in the scale. The length of 5.5 inches has already been reached, which indicates that the iPhone 8 display is going to be somewhere near to 6 inches or maybe even more than that. More body of iPhone8 will be slimmer and will weigh even lesser. The trademark shape of the iPhone is likely to be retained along with the dazzling apple logo on its back. I’m sure that the new iPhone 8 design will steal the hearts of apple fans yet again.

Check Out the below cool video on iPhone 8 Concept and Design


iPhone 8 Features:

iPhone has also proved itself in terms of carrying a healthy battery backup for its users. The durability of the iPhone has always done the talking for it. Taking in account the technological advancements in the world today, the iPhone8 is expected to please its users by providing the facility of wireless charging. With the evolving technology, the comfort level has shot up and the iPhone users deserve to leverage the perks.

iPhone has always been leading the smartphone industry and have made a class of consumers for itself. This brings upon a responsibility to be the first in serving their fans this feature of wireless charging and repudiate the need to carry those USB chargers everywhere. This could also be catalysed by the usage of solar technology. Being a world class company, Apple should also contribute something towards the betterment of environment having a huge lot of consumers. Integrating this into their new iPhone8 will surely score some brownie points for Apple.

iphone 8 rumors

With the growing needs of people and their growing photos, videos and music, there should be an increase in storage capacity of iPhone8. I know what you’re thinking, that they already have 128 GB models in their bucket. But, one thing which they could serve to their customers is the facility of integrating an external SD card according to their convenience. This could again be an exclusive SD card for use of iPhone users specifically. The point here is that, the one who usually buy 16 GB models would be greatly benefited.

SIRI has been a unique feature of iPhone and no one has ever been able to match it. One feature which SIRI made exclusive was, unlocking the iPhone without touching it. You could simply say “Hey SIRI” and ask her to start any application. But this again requires you to do some work. What we expect from iPhone8 is unlocking the phone without having to do any significant work. Maybe some sensors with a capability to trace the retinas and authenticate the unlock. This would definitely come out to be a flagship iPhone 8 feature. Well, all depends upon the iPhone 8 release date, as that will pump a lot of momentum.

iPhone 8 Camera:

Apple iPhone has come a long way with its camera. The latest iPhone 6, which had a feature of screen flash on activating the front camera just struck the right chords with its consumers. The next generation iPhone 8 demands a clear picture even when the iPhone is in motion. Needless to say that iPhone clicks pictures with crystal clear quality, it should now turn to be clever as well. The megapixels should definitely be increased to actuate the upgrade. One thing which apple could work on could be the security of iPhone in case if it is stolen. Though there are still some features which can easily help your retrieve your iPhone in case if it is lost or stolen. But iPhone8 needs to be programmed in such a way that if it gets stolen, it should be of no use for the burglars and hence the mere thought of stealing an iPhone shall be discarded.

Apple iPhone 8 Release Date 2017:

  • Apple iPhone 1 release date : June 29, 2007
  • Apple iPhone 2 release date : June, 2008
  • Apple iPhone 3G release date : June 8, 2009
  • Apple iPhone 3GS release date : June 19, 2009
  • Apple iPhone 4 release date : June 24, 2010
  • Apple iPhone 4s release date : October 4, 2011
  • Apple iPhone 5c release date : September 20, 2013
  • Apple iPhone 5s release date : September 20, 2014
  • Apple iPhone 6 & 6+ release date : September 9, 2015
  • Apple iPhone 7 release date : Quater-4, 2016
  • Apple iPhone 8 release date : Quarter-4, 2017

iPhone 8 Price:

Last but not the least, the price for this next generation iPhone 8. The iPhone 8 rumours are kept away from the iPhone 8 price. But we do expect a price which invokes the need for the consumer to change his/her current smartphone and grab the new iPhone 8. The iPhone 8 release date will be out soon and we will be update with it as well. We have covered majority of the iPhone8 news and more will be added soon. I hope you got your imagination right with the iPhone 8 images. The iPhone8 concept design is dazzling and anyone would dream of owning it.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this article and as a apple iPhone series lover i want to see some discussion below this article. So, do leave your thoughts and ask if you have any queries regarding upcoming Apple iPhone 8 using the comment section below. Thank You.


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